• Tired of performance reviews?

    How one firm radically reshaped its evaluations — by bringing in clients. A few years ago, my Silicon Valley advisory firm was stuck in the annual cycle of time-consuming, backward-looking and mostly ineffective process of performance reviews. Employees were split over whether the feedback was useful, and the information we got out of the reviews didn’t come close to offsetting the amount of work that went into gathering and distributing them. We wanted a better …Read More »
  • Kaiser Consulting Awarded #1 Spot for Best Firms for Women’s Equity Leadership

    COLUMBUS, OH – For the second consecutive year, Kaiser Consulting is honored to top the Accounting MOVE Project’s “Best Firms for Equity Leadership” annual list presented by the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance. The nationally recognized list analyzes the factors proven to be essential to women’s career success in the accounting profession.Read More »